Every life has a story. www.famoustome.com captures the lifetime Achievements of those who have made a significant difference in our lives.  The difference is these individuals aren’t well known or known at all to the Public.  They are only known to their friends, family and  people they have helped and the lifetime of service they provided.  We consider these Individuals famous in their own right.  Not because they are Actors, but they may have spent their lives training actors; they are not Sports heroes or legends as we know them, but they may have coached many of the legends we consider famous.  They are not Politicians or Highly publicized criminals.  In a nutshell they are not people who would be regularly in the news.  They are everyday people who have played a significant role in many lives to include their families, friends and the general public.  We as a society tend to put people on a pedestal and make them famous because of their Talents and Controversies.

Although we at, Famous To Me believe that all lives matter and everyone is famous in their own right.  These individuals deserve recognition and their own Hall of fame or Wall of fame because, because of them we MATTERED.